“That You Sow You Will Reap”

The quality and quantity of your cultivation depends to a large extent on the choice of the right seed.

In Elagro, you can choose the most suitable for you, from a wide variety, to ensure a rich but excellent quality crop.

Choose what you are looking for: vegetable seeds for a rich vegetable garden, vegetable seeds for the finest and most quality vegetables, and finally, plant seeds and flower bulbs for a garden full of colors and fragrances, or even for blooming balconies for those with more limited space.

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1. Seeds are the basis of the life cycle.
2. Earth is seed food. Healthy earth, healthy seeds, healthy people.

3. What we are depends on what we eat. What we eat depends on what we sow.
4. A strong ecosystem is a function of the abundance and the assurance of seed diversity.
5. The living treasure of each region and its nutritional heritage is the genetic material and its seeds.
6. Adapting to the environment is essential to perpetuating life, as is the case with humans, animals, plants and their seeds!
7. The seed of each species, if it can adapt to a new environment, becomes local.
8. The movement of self-produced  seeds is the basic component of human survival, and that is why everyone’s right is inalienable. Free access to self-seed is a component of democracy.
9. It is the duty of every society to maintain the stock of self-produced seed for future generations.
10. Seed is an ecumenical good. It does not belong to some but to everyone.