Categories of Plants

Domestic Plants

We select established producers who know their love and devotion to them.

Imported Plants

They are offered by reputable growers specializing in the production of distinctive, durable ornamental shrubs and trees.

Like the people,

so herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees are different from each other. That is why they have different needs, they develop at different rates and need specialized care. They also have different use and endurance! Knowing this information, even those who are not familiar with the plants, can choose the right ones – according to their preferences and the potential of each plant! There are plants intended exclusively for flower pots or soil, as well as outdoor and indoor plants. The latter are clearly less resistant to light or even dim light.

As the plants

are living organisms, it is demanding to develop in specific environments and under the right conditions. If, indeed, we treat them appropriately, we will achieve their perfect growth for the entire life cycle. There is therefore an urgent need to know about the particular treatment of each plant – bush – tree or tree in terms of its cultivation and development.